I semi-tested it okay?

Nationality: Dutch
Position: Main developer, owner

Dougley is the main developer of WildBeast and leads TheSharks. He is the shot caller in the team and takes care of server things. He's an experienced developer and a decently big name in the Discord development community.



Nationality: Dutch
Position: Co-owner, secondary developer

Mirrow is the second owner of TheSharks and figures around the server doing a bit of this and that. Second WildBeast version 1.0.0 developer along with Dougley and Perpetucake. Top snek.



I cucked myself.

Nationality: Italian
Position: Developer, SuperStaff, database engineer

Zaza is head of development. He is a very active code contributor and regularly develops new features to WildBeast. Upholds LemonMC in our server cluster for WildBot. Hardened veteran of TheSharks.


I love the smell of banhammer in the morning.

Nationality: Finnish
Position: SuperStaff, translations maintainer, head of documentation

LW is the trusted paperworker in TheSharks. He is the lead documentation writer and has constructed a major part of the documentation available for WB. In addition to being translations maintainer he also develops WildBeast. Self-designated PR man.



Your shards make me kms.

Nationality: German
Position: Administrator, Translator, server host

Nightex hosts one of the servers used to host WildBot. He also makes code contributions and has made the German translation for WildBeast. Also frequent user of forsenE.


We ain't using magic to fix things... Can you like... Wait?

Nationality: French
Position: Administrator, Translator

Nenkai, formerly known as TheKill69, is the most active contributor to WildBeast GitHub repository rivaled only by Dougley. He provides mainly bugfixes and runs his own WildBeast fork, Sinister. Also the author of the French translation for WB.


I asked WildBot what it's favorite pizza topping was, and it said it's birthday was Game of Thrones.

Nationality: American
Position: Administrator

Piero is an administrator. In addition to support tasks he is a code contributor and has introduced a few commands to WildBeast. Figures around on the GitHub repo and does some issue checking as well.


Give me your talent dammit!

Nationality: British
Position: Administrator

Jamiea is the newest addition to the team of TheSharks. He mostly figures about on the server and answers user questions. Has yet to really make a name for himself. Although the case where he said he would eat his neighbour was certainly interesting...



I did 'json' for success.

Nationality: Dutch
Position: Moderator

Pepe is a moderator and code contributor to WildBeast. And possibly the rarest Pepe in the world, in his own words.


I'm depresrsed now.

Nationality: American
Position: Moderator

Yoshii is a community veteran and now a moderator in the server. Working on support cases for the most part in addition to developing his own things in the form of YoshiiBot.


How can WildBot be real if sharks aren't real?

Nationality: American
Position: Moderator

Jagrosh is a moderator that figures around in the server every now and then, mostly exercising developmental collaboration. Best known for creating the Discord bot Spectra and its subsidiary + spinoff projects.

Honorary members

Members that have made significant contributions to the project.


Don't worry guys I'm not a full blown idiot.

Nationality: British
Position: Artwork creator

Buffalo created the custom artwork for WildBeast and other projects within our organization. His artwork can be found around this website and other TheSharks channels. The official icon of TheSharks, the purple shark, is his creation.

All quotes taken from #starboard or other channels in WildBot's Territory.
Some of the quotes used have been slightly modified to work in writing. The message has remained unchanged.

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