Who we are

TheSharks is a team of Discord bot developers that have created WildBot, a bot that is currently among the most popular bots on Discord. Even though scattered all over the world, our team still delivers precision content to users.

Our creations

  • Code projects

    Coding is a big part of what we do. Precisely, we develop Discord bots. You can find out more on our GitHub.

    Our GitHub
  • WildBeast

    We have developed a Discord bot that can easily be set up by anyone on their local system or a remote server.

    WildBeast Documentation
  • WildBot

    In addition to the aforementioned, we run WildBot which is currently among the most used Discord bots.

    Invite WildBot!

The WildBeast project

Currently, the WildBeast project is open source and can be found
on GitHub. Below are some statistics for the project.

  • 70 Forks
  • 400+ Commits
  • 1100000 Discord users
  • 30 Releases
  • 4500 Members

WildBeast is a multifunction Discord bot system intended to be able to perform various tasks, ranging from easy server moderation (Kick, ban) to having fun (8Ball etc.) in your Discord server, all created with customizability and ease of use in mind. WildBeast was originally written by SteamingMutt "Dougley", Mirrorbreak "Mirrow" and Perpetucake. It's written in JavaScript Node.JS, using the Discordie library.

Get involved

If you want to learn more about WildBeast or TheSharks, the best way
is to help us out in developing the bot. Click the links below to find out how.